Founded in 2015, Cornerman is a new generation media production company that invests on producing content that travels globally.

Cornerman's expertise is to produce short or long-form contents that tell a story or process with the most engaging methods.


Altuğ Gültan started his professional media career in 2009 at Fox International Channels Turkey, in programming and content acquisitions department. He has embraced many channel launches, global content deals, local productions, special projects and brand integrations in a short period of time. During this period, he has represented Fox Channels in international TV markets successfully.

After planning FOXCRIME and 24Kitchen channel launch strategies in Turkey, he also supported FIC's channels in Greece.

After being promoted to the position of FIC Turkey 'Head of Productions', it was a little further up the slope for him. He produced the first local contents of the National Geographic Channel Turkey.

In addition to projects such as Mega Factories: Vestel, Inside Turkish Airlines and Ozan Güven’s Science of Stupid, FIC Turkey won the 'Outstanding Contribution” award with its first in-house documentary 'Tracking The Brown Bear'

Altuğ has strived to show how much foundation he has to offer for developing content in every new project. After six years of television experience, he bid farewell to FIC in July 2015 to set up the company he planned for a long time.

With his experience in channel planning, content acquisitions, project sales and global productions, he aims to create good examples for the Turkish TV market with every new project he will execute.


National Geographic Channels:
  • Mega Factories Vestel
  • Tracking The Brown Bear
  • Inside Turkish Airlines
  • Ozan Güven’le Ahmak Bilimi
  • Science of Stupid Norway
24 Kitchen:
  • Lezzet Sanatı
  • Yemek Aşkına
  • Tom’s Istanbul Delights
  • Maksut’un Neolokal Mutfağı
  • Mutfakta Buluşalım


Algan Gültan started his career as a lawyer in 2006. He worked in distinguished law firms in Izmir, Ankara and Istanbul and then launched Gama Law Firm, which he founded in 2012. During this period, he successfully completed his graduate program in private law at Başkent University.

In addition to his legal knowledge, all commercial and legal affairs within Cornerman, which he founded with his brother in July 2015 due to his special interest in media and content production, are under Algan's responsibility. He aims to apply ethics, discipline and confidence based work methods with every new project they will execute in Cornerman.


After graduated from TED Ankara Collage, Erhan Yıldız completed his undergraduate degree in USA and graduate degree in Italy. He has started his professional media career in Doğan Media Group. After appointing as Advertising Sales Specialist within the same year in Kanal D, he gained various experiences in Media Planning & Sales to continue his career the very next year at FOX TV as Sales Manager responsible from FMCG and Food industry. With all the acquired knowledge and experiences gained, he has been in ventures as an investor in different sectors since 2013. In 2016, he partnered with CORNERMAN to re-establish SAPA FILM to produce both local and international contents in the media sector.